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Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi

Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi

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Designation date: 2002

Shatskyi Biosphere reserve is located in Volynska region. The territory is situated in the watershed between the rivers Western Bug and Pripyat and lies in the north-western part of the Polesia region. The biosphere reserve was created on the basis of Shatsk National Nature Park, which is existing since 1983.

Total area: 75,075 ha

Core zones: 5,732 ha

Buffer zone: 12,325 ha

Transition zone: 57,018 ha

Shatskyi Biosphere Reserve has a unique and the largest swamp-lake-forest landscape complex throughout whole Polesia ecoregion within Ukraine. The area consists of 44.3% forests (59% including forested wetlands), 29.2% wetlands (marshes, bogs, fens, mires including forested and grassy), 7.7% dry grasslands (e.g. heathland), 8.7% water bodies, 5.8% settlements, and 4,3 cropland areas. The Ramsar Convention recognizes the lakes of the biosphere reserve as an important nesting and breeding places for migrating waterfowls. The area is recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

About 17,000 people live in the area of the biosphere reserve. The main economic activities are forestry, agriculture, tourism and services. Around 100,000 tourists are visiting the biosphere reserve annually for recreational purposes. The area has a number of recreational centers and sanatoriums.

The director of Shatskyi National Nature Park is the head of the Coordinating Council. Further members are the representatives of local authorities, forest and agricultural enterprises, sanatoriums, NGOs and private persons.