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Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi

Do you want to support your Biosphere Reserve in Adapting to Climate Change in Practice?

From 1st March we invite all interested residents of the Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves Roztochya, Shatskyi and Desnyanskyi to participate in an idea contest on adaptation to climate change.

We are looking for creative suggestions on how to tackle effects of climate change with the help of natural ecosystem. Following the approach of ecosystem-based adaptation, the projects should have a focus on restoration and (re-)establishment of ecological functions of already degraded or heavily modified ecosystems so that they can provide their regulating services.

The project proposals should include concrete measures of adaptation to be implemented on-site which will lead to a higher resilience of ecosystems to climate stresses. The results of these projects should be measurable and have a long-term impact on the micro-climate.

Successful applicants can receive a grant up to EUR 10.000 for the implementation of their project idea.



Due to outbreak of Coronavirus infection and introduced strict quarantine measures throughout Ukraine the organizers of Idea Contest decided to prolong the deadline for applications to 24th of April. This date is the final deadline and will not be changed even if the quarantine measures in the country expand for the next weeks or months. This date is the same for both applications submitted in paper and electronic forms.

Information on consultation events can be found here.

Who we invite to participate
  • Legal entities and/or individuals (over 18 years) with permanent residence or place of registration of legal entity on the territory of biosphere reserve Roztochya, Shatskyi or Desnyanskyi
  • For applicants in partnership: place of registration or permanent residence of leading partner on the territory of biosphere reserve, for non-leading partners: in the region (e.g. oblast) which is covered by the biosphere reserve

If you want to check whether you reside/are registered on the territory of one of the biosphere reserves, please click here for:
Roztochya Biosphere Reserve
Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi
Biosphere Reserve Desnyanskyi

     Establishment of consortia and partnerships – not mandatory criterion for participation in the contest, but it very welcomed

     by the organizers!

Requirements for participation
  • Project proposal for an amount from EUR 4.000,00 up to EUR 10.000,00 (excluding taxes)
  • Availability of a bank account to conduct all monetary transactions related to grant obtaining and allocation
  • Right of ownership or a respective right of use for planned project territory
  • Submission of complete package of application documents (Form A and B) before expiration of the deadline at the indicated address


Here you can find more information on ecosystem-based adaptation and eligible and non-eligible Projects.

Application documents

For a full application it is mandatory to complete both application forms (A and B) – computer-based or in handwritten.

Here you can download both application forms for your biosphere reserves in Ukrainian and English.

If you wish to receive application documents in Russian language please contact us via:


Please note:

  • Computer-based application forms should be printed and signed by the applicant and, if applicable, by his partners.
  • To submit an application electronically, please scan all pages and send them to the address not later than 24th April 2020
  • You can also send your application to the administration of the respective nature park/reserve or submit it personally not later than 24th April 2020.


Please find the addresses of respective administrations below:

Nature Reserve Roztochya

  • 81070, Lvivska obl., Yavorivskyi rayon, Ivano-Frankove, vul. Sichovykh Striltsiv 7


Shatskyi National Nature Park

  • 44021, Volynska obl., Shatskyi rayon, Svityaz, vul. Zhovtneva 61


National Nature Park Desnyansko-Starohutskyi

  • 41000, Sumska obl., Seredyno-Budskyi rayon, Seredyna-Buda,   vul. Nowgorod-Siverska 62
Information Material

For more detailed information on climate change, ecosystem services, ecosystem-based adaption and further information relevant for your project idea, please have a look at our material.

Remaining questions and contact details

For remaining questions related to the idea contest, we offer a number of options to get in contact with us:


Your nature park/nature reserve administration will be happy to answer your questions personally in the framework of 3 consultation events. Please find the dates of the events and further contact details of your biosphere reserve in the sections below:

Biosphere Reserve Roztochya

4th March from 11-15 at Ivano-Frankove, vul. Sichovykh Striltsiv 7

18th March from 11-15 at Ivano-Frankove, vul. Sichovykh Striltsiv 7

2nd April from 11-15 at Ivano-Frankove, vul. Sichovykh Striltsiv 7


Shatskyi Biosphere Reserve

- 10th March from 10-14 at vul. Zhovtneva 61, Svityaz

- 17th March from 10-14 at vul. Zhovtneva 61, Svityaz

- 31th March from 10-14 at vul. Zhovtneva 61, Svityaz


Desnyansyi Biosphere Reserve

- 13th March from 14:00-17:00 at vul. Baistrenka 6, Novgorod-Siverskyi

19th March from 09:00-12:00 at vul. Shkilna 1, Znob-Novgorodske

27 th March from 09:30-13:30 at vul. Nowgorod-Siverska 62, Seredyna-Buda


By phone

Nature Reserve Roztochya

Galina Stryamets (Deputy Director of Nature Reserve) at 03259-3-33-91


Shatskyi National Nature Park

Bohdan Harbar (Local Partner) at 03355-2-95-15


National Nature Park Desnyansko-Starohutskyi

Serhiy Kubrakov (Director of Nature Parke) at 05451 7-14-49


Via email

For all further questions you can also contact the organizers of the Succow Foundation via