Desnianskyi Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Desnyanskyi

Roztochya Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Roztochya

Shatskyi Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

The project follows a locally adapted, iterative approach:
1. Understanding the social-ecological system, which is triangulated in the best possible way with literature searches, spatial analysis, field visits, discussions with the biosphere reserve administrations, as well as local and regional workshop series.
2. Assessment of vulnerabilities and risks through site visits, workshop series, semi-quantitative ecosystem services assessment and spatial analyses.
3. Identification of ecosystem-based options, which will be continuously expanded and focused in the course of the workshop series, literature research, focus groups and interactive training. Within the framework of the workshops, valuable site-specific and tailor-made ecosystem-based measures and activities can be identified and evaluated.
4. Prioritisation and selection of options by specialist focus groups and a selection committee.
5. Project design in which concrete EbA activities are developed and implemented locally together with the relevant actors in model projects. This will be implemented in the form of an idea contest with subsequent funding of up to three or more projects per biosphere reserve.
6. Evaluation of the results, which will be carried out both by internal and independent external bodies, but which will probably present a challenge within the project duration. This offers scope for follow-up projects to accompany the implemented measures and to test their ecological, social and economic effectiveness. This is indispensable in order to close the iterative learning loop and to re-integrate the changes and newly generated knowledge about the social-ecological systems and EbA into point 1.

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