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Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi

A participatory and holistic ecosystem-based adaptation process aims at the development of strategies, measures and locally adjusted activities to adapt to climate change by strengthening the functionality of ecosystems while safeguarding and developing fundamental ecosystem services for the population. EbA has the potential to resolve conflicting objectives and to preserve and develop the vital ecosystem functions and services and the associated synergies in the sense of sustainable development.
A fundamental starting point of EbA is the conservation of existing, functional ecosystems since these already provide and secure a multitude of ecosystem functions and services (cf. Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services - CICES ). Any destruction and transformation of these existing ecosystems lower the regional potential to buffer climate change impacts (extreme weather events, drought, loss of supply and cultural services, etc.) and to meet human needs. A further central component is the reduction of already existing (anthropogenic) stresses on ecosystems, which inhibit the proper functionality and thus put at risk ecosystem service provision. Equally relevant is the (re-)establishment of ecological functions (structures and processes) of already degraded or heavily modified ecosystems so that they can provide their regulatory services again or increasingly.